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I loved it

Hey! Thank you for your love! Sorry for the late response.
P/s: We're currently busy working on our new projects, there are 3 projects ongoing as we speak. Stay tuned!

Weird and wonderful idea brought to life pretty well.


This was a last-minute idea to be honest.
But please don't tell anyone! :3


Haha. You're secret is safe with me. :)

I never expected this to make me cry a little.  It was so good


Aww, are you okay?  :(

haha I'm fine, it was just unexpectedly touching 💜


Hehe good to know!💜

parecem lgl pena q eu n posso baixalo :(

Hi, what's the problem? Any error messages?

o meu problema é que eu sou no PC e se tu pode deixar pra PC eu agradeseria muito

PC version is available as well, just click on the download button :)



You're 4 months late! >:0
But, thank you for playing!


cool game

Aw, thank you for playing, you're awesome!

Cool little story, i love the music! Is the OST available somewhere?



You can find the music used in the credits of the game! ^^
They are available on youtube.



That was short, a little weird, but great. Loved it


Short? I'm offended!


What a strange, fun little visual novel! Definitely not what I expected, it had its own unique sense of humor that set it apart, besides its simple prompt. I played it in this game compilation video!


We love your take on this visual novel! There are things that are meant not to be expected. Hidden in the plain sight. Yet only for those who is truly observing might see. -- Wait, what am I talking about? Ah-...


We loved the game! It´s a really interesting insight and use of everyday items, and the visual were just perfect for it.

Our favourite part were the speech bubbles happening on the background <3

Gracias, cariño!

A super wholesome visual novel about an everyday item. It is a good concept but, I feel that some of the jokes were overused and there were some grammatical errors as well.  Other than that, nice job. 



We can agree on that. I get bored when the Pencil telling it's story. I drank some coffee but it doesn't let me to stay fresh. I probably had done the grammatical errors or any errors due to that. Sorry about that!




This was a really adorable and really sweet visual novel. It was super wholesome at the end and the charm of each character you created really shone through! The little achievements also made the game replayable as the game gave players options and the art was perfect; it matched the tone and feeling of the game and was super adorable!

Overall, it was just a super nice game and really fun to play!

(P.S: Sorry for the jumpscare.)

Aww, you're so sweet. Thank you!
The jumpscare got me, I will tell mom! D:

very deep


That's what she said!




this game was so much fun ; w ;

Thanks, I enjoyed watching the playthrough!
Also, you're weird (LOL) - it's a compliment!

Are you okay?

This game was very pretty with it's cute and simple style. It also had good sounds and an interesting story. It really made me smile :)

I love your smile!
(I swear I'm not flirting!)

I really enjoyed the experience of "I'M A PENCIL!!", the story was funny as were the characters. My favorite is how the story constantly derails and turns into fantastical feats or weird happens stances. lol Had a lot of fun playing this, awesome job devs!


Hey, thank you! You have a really fun personality! Honestly, we couldn't stop smiling through the whole video! XD

Really happy you enjoyed it!! xD

I like this. It has an interesting idea. I hope more of this.

Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay of this right here:

Hey, thanks for playing!
Love the avatar you got there :D

Hello. I was wanting to play and review your game on my youtube channel, but wanted to  get your permission first

Hi, let me ask Pencil first...
Just kidding! Feel free to do so and have fun!

Much Thanks!

ok but this was such an enjoyable game, I really liked it

btw I got sympathetic and daring

also, bob was somehow my favorite character(???

Aw, Bob loves you! Keep being sympathetic and daring, it's not a bad personality! ^^

I've played this game i recommened it and the results were that I'm a curious and a daring person keep up the good work❤❤❤

Perhaps you really are a curious and such a daring person in real life? Which is good ^^


i feel you 😢

I can't delete it.. on school computers you can't delete files..I"ll have to reset the computer, which will..uh idk..

i think my brother knows how to delete things off of school computers but im not sure 



Oh my, this is beyond of what I can do.
Perhaps you should be an admin of your computer to delete the file. I hope you can figure that out without resetting the computer! :(

Sorry, Can't download, This is a school Computer, unless if the person who made this website, could change it around so that you can play it on this website.

I will try to make browser version soon after I'm done with the translation and another round of proofreading!


I feel like I've learned so much 

That's good! :P

Hey there my friend! I played your game here and as usual there is a written form review below as well as a gameplay video attached. Do not mind my stupid characters voicing, I tried my best hahaha

  • Without a doubt, the game is perfectly done since the very start with that creative fast intro to the lovely intense music and background sound effects.
  • The art suits the game so much, I really loved it.
  • The game is so funny which what made this visual novel so good, better than the last one I played for your game. I had more fun with Pencil than I was first expecting (the video will show that lol).
  • I like even the serious part of life is shorter with the pencil being shorter. The game is amazing and for that I will rate the game 5/5… WELL DONE!!!

Love the voice acting, it was funny! xD
Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed it!

The game is well done!! I really enjoyed and the voice acting attempt was the result of how much I enjoyed your game xD

Delightful! Had a lot of fun with this story!


Thank you, we had a lot of fun watching!
Liked and subbed!

I downloaded this and got 2 apps, Pencil and Pencil-32, neither open help

Hi, may I know your system's specification?
The two files are for 64-bit (Pencil) and 32-bit system (Pencil-32)
Currently, it is only for Windows system.
For a better communication, you may as well email us at:

Story kinda draggs, but well drawn!

Aw, thank you! We did our best.
We will improve the quality in the future!
Thanks for playing!

I played this in my video - 1:55 - 


Sorry for the SPAG errors! 
It's our second language :P
We're considering to hire a proof reader in the future.
Thank you for playing though!

Thanks for this game! It was short like Pencil at the end of the game! Heh! Looking forward to the romantic giraffe x psychopathic monkey VN! :P 

And I apologize for jumping in for extra stuff winkwink!!!

Here's my full gameplay for anyone interested!


I was just kidding about the giraffe and monkey hahah but, some people did ask me to make it happen, lmao! No worries with the edit, I enjoyed the playthrough! ^^

Show post...



Really good art style and such a good story!

Thank you sweetie!
Glad you like it!

I love your art style :)

Oh, thank you and we love you!

Such a cute, quirky, and charming little game. The art style was nice and I thought the story was good.


Thank you and you're such a daring person!
We enjoyed the playthrough and subbed to you!

You are welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed my playthrough. Also, thank you.

that was really fun to play :) well done :)


Aw, thank you!
We're glad that you had fun! :D

I loved the game, the art and the story was great, would you like me to translate it to Portuguese Brazilian?

Whoa, what about African language?
Pencil would be very excited!
Please reach us at:


This game was cute. I really enjoyed the style and the cheeky humor. Good work.


No, you're the cute one!
We enjoyed watching the video and has subbed too! ^^

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. 😊 

i absolutely love this story! it was so funny and cute

 i can't wait to see more of your works <3

The story loves you too!
Eh-I mean, we love you too!

YAAAY ! i knew you can made it !1!1

love it ❤️❤️❤️

We love you more!

Wow, I have never seen a "story" game that good! My result is sympathetic and romantic. That was a "virtual" trip!

Aw, Lisa feels touched!
Thanks for playing!

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