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Interesting concept and prototype, I would very like to see more of the world and the uprising. A different take/view/narrative from each main characters to the story will also be a curious prospect.


Salam Alikom Roomah Gaming,

I finally found the time to make a gameplay review video about it. Like usual... Your games are great. For the time you had to make this game you really did good. All the best in your future games (I want to make a small interview with you if you are interested).

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I really liked this visual novel, and I'm curious to see the story expanded even more. Good characters and the art style is great as always. The one thing I do think needs to be added is that there needs to be more music or sounds that work with the scenes that are going on. Looking forward to the future for this game!


I really enjoyed the artwork and the backstory on this. Would honestly love to see it turned into a webcomic!

The concept for this game is really interesting considering it was put together in 48hours. I would love to see this expanded upon in the future, Maybe with some more of the 'choose your own adventure' theme ya have going. Awesome job devs and thank you for letting me know about this game! 


Thanks as always for creating these games! As for a game made within 48 hours, it's great! For sure it'll be better if more time will be given! And the Server Room is really amazing! :P

Hopefully I didn't miss anything in this one!


Hey as always I enjoyed the game. I love the music. Waiting for the updates of this. Hoping to play more. Keep up the good work. 


I saw your email and played your game and once again I can say I haven't been disappointed. I loved the music and the art style of the game, It was very movie-like and unique. Good job once again.


I really enjoyed this ‘movie style’ vn which i can chose different plot. Suprisingly the artwork is really nice. Black & white theme for futuristic story. Quite interesting! I like the dialogue box so much! Maybe you can add 2 or 3 music or sound effect like during Karl shot the guard with EMP bullet. The story is just outstanding. It’s out of the box actually. It’s not an ordinary robot story. And please I need the continuation of this story. Overall, I love it! Thank you for your artwork! It’s really awesome in 48hours and you can produce this kind of vn *applause*

I really hope to see more from Roomahgaming & don’t forget the continuation for Pandora project ;p

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The art style really stands out in its raw form, complimented by the Black and White futuristic theme. It is a feast to the eyes despite of its neat UI. Yeah, felt like watching a short film where you can project your own will into the outcome. The storyline concept is indeed a bit peculiar than the mainstream and I can say I would like the developer to continue exploring this for its potential, and it's not just because I enjoy making decisions for the characters.

Aside from its smooth characters development, I enjoyed the developer/author's paradoxical jokes in the game. Oh, it also plays a bit with emotion, and while the music does help with envisioning the game, I'd like it more if developer can add more music and sound effects suitable with the situations. Still, as this is a 48 hours challenge, this game did take me by surprise coz it is pretty good despite the circumstances.

Hoping to see more from Roomah Gaming. Good Job. :)