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Oh man, I need to pay my internet bill.

Words can be powerful ain't they? 


"It's so you!"

Said by friends.


From just words, they know each other.


Sometimes, everything about them is just texts.


Forever remain that way.


Nothing is wrong.


You should know since you know me.




What is it?



I'm just happy.


Me too.


This game is so sweet and wholesome I love it 😭😭
The music is amazing 😭


Thank you for the chance op

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96 keys have been sent out making a total of 497 keys have been distributed at this point. We will continue in few hours. Ngl, the comment section is a mess right now, we will 'clean' everything once the sale is done. For the time being, please enjoy the visual novel! ^^


It's a nice game bro.

We have manually sent out exactly 401 keys, we will continue doing so in a few hours. For those who haven't received their keys, rest assured, we will get to you as soon as possible! 

Like this game very much
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Hello, readers!

People have kept asking me about the "proof of download", to be clear all I need is actually just your username (best if you can provide a screenshot of your itch's profile), I'm asking for this in order to keep track with whom I have sent the keys to avoid sending unnecessary extra keys and also to avoid sending out the keys to the spambots.

Roomah Gaming

[ STEAM KEY issue]

Attention, readers!

We apologize for the issue with Steam keys. We had received too many comments in a short time period, we will solve the matter with each of you. 

For those that having trouble claiming the keys, please contact us directly at:

Provide us in the email, proof of download and your itch username.

Please stop asking in the comment section since we can't reply and send you the key publicly in the comment section. Hope you understand the circumstances.

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Regarding Steam keys

Dear, readers

Due to some reasons, we had to give out the steam keys manually.
We apologize for the inconvenience. 

How to retrieve:

In order to retrieve your key, please email us a screenshot of your itch profile
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pls :o

(+1) please?


Me Podrian Dar Una Key Por favor 

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I have sent an email directly, and suddenly found that it is not polite to send an email directly, so come and comment. There are indeed a lot of people. You have worked hard

Hi, please email us proof of download and your itch username at

If you already did, rest assured, we will get to you as soon as possible.

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Gorgeous music and artwork. I wasn't able to get into the full story and do the story justice, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Thank you for the game!

Hey, that's alright! It would have spoiled the story for your viewers anyways. So it's okay!
Thank you for giving a chance to play! We have subbed to your channel ^^

Aw I appreciate it!

This... Was so great! One of the best vns I have ever played, if not the best!!!

Thank you so much! ><
Glad you enjoyed! Did you cry? :p

Sorry to break it to you, but nah, I don't cry a lot!

You're strong! That's good!


Best game I played in a long while!! I streamed with them on twitch and loved every moment(and cried) I would totally want everyone to play and experince this game at least once!! 


Aww, thank you! We enjoyed the stream session! Sorry that it makes you cried, although we did actually hope you would cry (HAHAH!).


This was a neat game! I did notice, though, that there were a lot of SPAG errors sprinkled throughout, which prevented the writing from reaching its full potential. You might want to consider hiring a proofreader to look through the game. On a more positive note, I loved the presentation! The music you chose really added a lot, and the graphics were so charming! Thanks for making this!


Aw, thank you so much! We're glad that you enjoyed the visual novel! We admit if there would be some SPAG errors here and there. We are struggling with it ourselves since English is not our first language. We will consider in hiring a proofreader in the future! Thank you for alerting us and thanks for playing! ^^


Hey there! Without a doubt, this game is so amazing, well done here ♥ I truly admire the entire story, I only faced little few issues but overall I am rating this game 5/5... You have delivered an amazing well done.

So I decided to help out here since your game made me really enjoy recording your gameplay... Here you will find the entire demo gameplay video with my thoughts, opinions, and reviews. All I am asking is a little bit of support, so subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Here is what I am going to do: I am going to run an ad campaign... Your game will be in my YouTube channel as a start (only 305 subscribers now but with 7K+ Minutes watch time and 3.8K+ Views this last month... and a total of 52K+ views on the channel) The most important is a Facebook ads for your game... First, a gamers group with over 126K+ members...Second, an English study group with 50K member (They might want to read a novel in this fun way for their projects)... Plus, another local gamers group with 58K+ members... Aaand another gamers group with 30K+ gamers inside... And finally, a bookworm group with 17K+ readers... this should help you out a little bit.

Now, I will give you my small critics and my review about your game:

  • I recorded your game in two sessions, in the start of the video you will notice that the volume of music does not change no matter what I did… in the second session of the recording (it starts at minute 25:18) the volume finally works and it is able to go down.
  • I loved the fun interaction with the narrator in the game, it is amazing!!
  • The music and soundtracks are picked with great carful, I am so satisfied with the entire sound design, and even the sound effects are brilliant.
  • The art style is very pretty.
  • There was a moment where I truly got a jump scare (it was when there was the first sound effect for the crashing car) well done in making that (Start to watch from minute 45:18 if you want to see my reaction) I loved that and enjoyed the horror you gave me for that moment ;)
  • Overall, this game is pretty and I had strong emotions during certain parts, plus I like the lovely fun atmosphere that Lisa as a character is making with Sam… You might want to add some images of characters in the future if you still work on the game; this will give even huge impact on the players and will make them relate to Lisa and Sam more. 

Hey! Thank you for trying our game and thank you so much for the review! We had fun watching your video on youtube and we have subbed to you!

About the ad campaign, we should talk in private for the charge and stuffs; do email us at 

We appreciate for all the points shared with us. We apologize for the bug you faced. If you still remember, can you describe how the bug occurs and can it be reproduced? We have yet to received any reports regarding that. Perhaps a simple relaunch of the game would fixed it. We are happy to know you had a great experience playing Memories of East Coast, indeed we have carefully crafted the story and carefully picked suitable music so it fits with the story and boosts up the immersion. We thank you once again for the review, we hope your channel will grow bigger and faster! InshaAllah!

Such an amazing game, I enjoyed a lot and the bug is being fixed easy as you said (I fixed it that day when I recorded)

I will send you an email now.


An excellent Visual Novel, that I got to take a part in playing early. This story was only described to me as "It's a short story of someone who had bad experience in the past and trying to accept his own fate. The story is meant to be telling the readers that life should goes on."

This piqued my interest and after playing it, that description alone fits the story very well. 

It's a very beautiful, yet sad story that worked up my emotions near the very end, which just lets you know the story is quite wonderful. 

The way you transitioned from different parts of the story presents well and it is a really nice way to space things out. Making the one transition title have more importance to it with the flowers is a really sweet touch.

Thank you so much for coming to me with your game, I enjoyed it very much! 

Erin Onufrichuk

EXP-resso Mutt

Thank you for your kind words! Sorry to get you emotional (it was intended though! :P). We are happy that you enjoyed the story! ^^

Hello, I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to have one of your games be part of a Visual Novel co-op bundle?

I'm planning to run the bundle from March 7th to 21st. Revenue would be split equally. And the bundle price would be set at $1 USD per game.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi, that would be awesome! Please do so. If you would like to contact us personally, send an email to


Definitely the right company for a relaxing-new-experience weekend. Started playing it and have this assumption about the storyline, hits me quite hard to learn that my deduction turned into something that I don't anticipate. Loving the developer's ART STYLE that is featured through all of the gorgeous background. Selections of music amplify the emotion intended appropriately.

Is a roller coaster ride.

Memories of East Coast is also an accurate and a soft lesson for oneself to maneuver better in life. For those who plans on playing this alone, prepare a box of tissue, just in case.

No technical issue faced. IS SMOOTH. User Interface is cute and easy.

Seriously waiting for more from this developer! Have lots of potential. CONGRATULATION!

Wow! Thank you so much for an awesome review! We are glad you enjoyed the experience!